About Us

Pet Oasis Company was established in 1998 based on love and passion for the pet world. Because we believe in the rights of these animals, which must be taken into consideration and important. The company has basic values ​​and principles upon which it’s based, which are commitment, responsibility, outstanding performance, innovation, and joint work.
We’d love to convey our mission, which lies in spreading awareness and culture of the importance of the social relationship between humans and pets, by providing all means of care and complete care, as well as products that meet all the needs of pets. Here at Pet Oasis Company, we see that this company is one of the first leading companies specialized in the field of pets because it seeks to achieve the finest and best types of services for all its customers, as it takes into account the different types of animals and the diversity of their needs. Our company is represented in its 6 branches: Al-Malaz branch, Al Shamal branch, Wadi Laban branch, Khobar branch, and two branches in Jeddah. And Also we have 4 clinics: Al Malaz Clinic, Al Shamal Clinic, Khobar Clinic, and La Terra Clinic in Jeddah. The number of our employees is 120 on the job, 11 of them are veterinarians, and they are among the most famous and most experienced doctors in their field. The company aims to advance through the establishment of a constructive and effective partnership with the relevant government agencies in the field of livestock. And it works to provide veterinary and educational services and to support the public interest. It contributes to the service of education in the field of pet breeding and welfare, through field visits that seek to educate people about raising and caring for pets, and holding educational seminars under the supervision of the concerned authorities; to work on developing the educational and veterinary field. The company issues entertainment activities for charities, and it also contributes to educating the thought and motivating it on how to deal with pets and being kind to them, by creating an awareness program to take care of them and prevent them in dealing with stray animals following the principles urged by the true Islamic religion, as well as to define the dangers of animals Straying and how to reduce it. The company provides the highest services in terms of quality and efficiency, as it provides the best types of pets permitted by government agencies. And veterinary clinics equipped with excellent medical cadres and modern and advanced equipment, in addition to that, the company supplies these clinics with the latest global systems, to provide customers with the highest standards of health care for pets. There is also a hotel service for animals in specialized departments that are equipped with the highest health standards and safety measures, in addition to taking into account the maintenance and guarantee of the health of pets. The company also provides excellent and innovative products imported from the best European companies with quality marks. The company has achieved great and important achievements since its establishment, the most prominent of which are:

  • Obtaining the first place prize for the best pavilion, in partnership with the Saudi Society for Life Sciences, in the activities of the Fifth Forum of Scientific Societies at King Saud University.
  • Participation in the “Jeddah Agricultural Forum” held under the patronage and presence of His Royal Highness Prince / Khaled Al-Faisal, and His Excellency the Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture Engineer / Abdul Rahman Al-Fadhli.
  • Participation in the exhibition “Animal welfare is everyone’s responsibility” – the official sponsor of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture
  • Participating in the event of Heroes of the Southern Border, pride and pride in Jeddah
  • Organizing events in cooperation with Saudi charitable societies to support people with special needs in rehabilitation, training and improving their quality of life under the umbrella of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development.
  • Supporting community partnership and keeping pace with our social responsibility by hosting schools in our branches to develop educational knowledge and enhance the love and care of pets.