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We know communication between creatures depends mainly on consciousness and reason, the possibility of understanding between animals and humans may be very small. However, there are some facts that assert that you can interact with other creatures without the need for the inevitable communication resources, such as speaking, or understanding and mental awareness.


Communication among humans and pets requires harmony, acceptance, love, and mutual feelings inside both. All these factors help to produce a distinctive communication between you and your pet, and it may be more effective than others, to the extent that you do not like dealing with humans and tend to pet them more, how?


Pets, by their nature, deal only with familiarity and safety, whether with each other or with humans. You will never find a deer approaching a tiger, because it is not familiar with it and feels its own decision of danger from the tiger. While you find a herd of deer eating, drinking, and practicing their lives with each other, it is the instinct of familiarity with which God created all creatures.


Familiarity is not limited to the type, you may find a duck that is familiar with a goat, or a sheep next to a dog guarding it on the farm, so your pet will not approach you, unless it is familiar with you and feels safe and close with you, that is, you offer it something moral, animals live on what they feel because they have a very high sensory power.


To be able to deal with your pet friend, of any kind, it may require you to give it something financial as well, in a true story set in a South African forest: a species of bird collaborates with a group of European people who were wandering on an expedition in the forest, and they lost their way. Stopping on a spot in the forest, they found this bird trying to open a honey cell and was unable to do so, one of them opened the honey cell for the bird, after the bird had eaten enough honey, he helped them to find out the point of exit from the forest and guide them on the right path.


This indicates that the relationship of the bird with the human being is based on interest, as it may carry food for a flock of pigeons that fly away, and as soon as you show it or put it in your hand, you find pigeons rushing to you, eating from your hand, and surrounding you from everywhere, to give you a different feeling of happiness and peace.


Communication between you and your pet may be through sounds, such as a dog’s barking, although some may be disturbed by a dog’s barking, but it conveys important information about the dog’s condition and internal state. From the barking of a dog, you may understand what he wants or what he means, so you will find him barking if he feels something strange around him, such as a stranger coming or another kind of animals or pets, and he barks if he feels danger, and he may bark with his voice heading to the thing, to a game he wants to play with you, or something that wants you to draw your attention for him.


If the dog is sick or tired, he makes many gestures that force you to worry about him, such as whining, reeling, or remaining still and emaciated. That is, your dog can communicate with you directly, and has always been loyal and lovable because it is obedient and easy to deal with.


Cats are like dogs in terms of taming and adapting to their human owners, but by completely different standards. The wild, fierce cat needs time, and perhaps emotions and materials more than other animals, to adapt to the domestic nature and become a pet. What distinguishes cats from others is that they have a fierce nature, but they are flexible, that is, moderate in characteristics. Once they are accustomed to a certain matter, they become an expert in it.


A cat’s meow forces you to take some action with it, and if the cat is wild in nature, the meow is self-evident, and has many clear explanations that you can understand. As for purring, it is a sound emanating from the cat’s larynx and glottis, which may indicate comfort, relaxation, or pain. In all cases, they are like dogs in the process of communicating with humans, and they can deliver information to you without commissioning or exerting a lot of trouble and effort between you.


And there are some pets that can talk just like humans, not only by repetition, but by speaking individually and highly intelligent, as happened with the gray parrot Alex (1976 – 2007), he was called the food he asked for, and asked strange and realistic questions that did not occur to anyone, He was treated like a human, but Alex was extraordinarily intelligent, and people had never encountered an amazing parrot like him. Although there are many species of birds that can copy the sound or repeat human speech, there are very few reports of parrots using language to communicate with others, and recent studies on the intelligence and awareness of birds have proven that this is not impossible, and one day a bird with the intelligence of the parrot Alice may come. and more.


In general, it seems that many animals have brains and voices to communicate in the way that many humans prefer, but the fact that we must consider, is that the process of communication with animals is certain, even if they are different in their ways and in many ways. All in pursuit of a stronger bond and greater harmony between us, our animals, and our partners on this planet.

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