Royal Canin dry food for a nursing mother cat and her young, Royal Canin for mother and kitten 2 kg.

Dry cat food for the mother cat and her young, safe and healthy dry food for kittens from 1-4 months of age.

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Royal Canin dry food for a nursing mother cat and her young, Royal Canin for a mother and kitten, it is suitable for cats during pregnancy and lactation, and also very suitable for kittens from the age of 1-4 months, Royal Canin dry food for cats is suitable for pregnant and lactating cats, and also suitable for kittens that switch from nursing to eating It is a product that meets all nutritional needs and contains important nutrients and vitamins for healthy growth and better energy to increase physical yield and activity. It also takes into account that the texture of the food is suitable for the kitten in the best possible way so that they can chew it properly.

1- Supporting immunity and fortifying natural resistance: At the age of 4 to 12 weeks, the immunity that kittens receive with mother’s milk gradually decreases. The MOTHER & BABYCAT diet helps support a kitten’s natural defense system in its early stages of growth thanks to a complex of antioxidants, which also contains Vitamin E.
2- Facilitating the transition from milk to solid food: food suitable for kittens and easy to soak in water to facilitate the transition of the cat from the mother cat’s milk to solid food.
3- Support Healthy Growth: Support healthy digestion with Highly Digestible Protein (LIP) and Prebiotics (including FOS).
How to prepare:
In order to transfer chitin from the lactation stage to the stage of eating dry food, we designed this product for you to easily convert it into easy-to-chew food for young chitin by:
1- Warm the water up to 60 degrees.
2- Then put the water in the edible dish for the mother and the chitin.
3- Now put the amount of dry and water based on the table shown on the back of the product and leave it for 20 minutes
4- Finally, mash it well, then let the mother and two kittens eat.
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