Royal Canin Persian dry cat food “Shirazi”, Royal Canin persian 4 kg.

Dry food granules made in the shape of almonds to make it easier for the cat to pick up. Royal Canin Persion for cats over 12 months old.

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Royal Canin dry cat food for Persian cats “Shirazi”, Royal Canin Persion is a dry food made in a form similar to the texture of almonds to make it easier for cats to pick up and chew easily, dry food from Royal Canin contains many important nutrients such as proteins and beneficial vitamins, healthy and safe food You will notice a complete improvement in your pet in a short time.
What makes Royal Canin food special?
1- Reducing the accumulation of hairballs: Persian cats spend a lot of time cleaning themselves, as they swallow some of their fur. This means that they often suffer from the formation of hairballs. This food will rid your pet of this problem due to the presence of a special mixture of dietary fibers that reduces formation Hairballs in the digestive tract
2- Supporting the health of a sensitive urinary system: Urinary stones are more common in Persian cats due to the special mechanisms of their urinary system.
3- It keeps the long fur beautiful: its ingredients highlight the full beauty of its long fur.
4- Supporting immune health: a group of synergistic antioxidants and vitamins (C, E, taurine and lutein).
5- Optimum protection through lysine: Cats are vulnerable to attacks from herpes viruses, a risk that can be significantly reduced by supplementing with lysine, which reduces the severity of diseases caused by herpes viruses.
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