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A black metal cage, a very large size for transporting and training dogs, black color and dimensions of 92.7 * 58.1 * 62.5 cm

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An innovative cage made of safe and sturdy lacquered metal with large grilles for good ventilation and excellent visibility, and a wide opening for easy access, with a double door that provides more flexibility during use at home or on the move, the door is reinforced with multiple locking points and a safety latch and has a low threshold to allow For the dog to easily enter and exit, this cage is very suitable for carrying the dog, training him in movement and controlling its activities, complete with a polypropylene tray to reduce any mess caused by the dog and its movement, and it is collapsible for easy transportation. Dimensions: 92.7 x 58.1 x 62.5 cm, order it and give your dog the place to train and lead his normal life!


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