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Natural straw rich in fiber, nutrients beneficial to rabbits, hamster and small animals.

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Gimbi is a natural food for rabbits and rodents consisting of many dried natural herbs that provide your pet for all its daily food needs, natural straw for rodents is very rich in raw fibers to support the ease of digestion and ensure the proper work of the digestive system, in addition to that the natural rodent food preserves the teeth The teeth naturally cool, stimulate chewing and output out of closed hair. Rabbit food and natural rodents help make the daily diet richer and diverse and also helps in maintaining the cleanliness of the cage. This type of natural food reduces the incidence of obesity and also works as an anti -inflammatory and is useful for preventing coughing and respiratory diseases. It can be served as an integrated diet for rabbits, hamster, so -and -so small animals. Get it now at the best price and fastest shipping inside the Kingdom.


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