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Royal Canin dry food is a premium weight loss diet for adult cats.

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Royal Canin dry cat food for adult cats helps to reduce weight. Royal Canin Light Weight is an excellent diet for adult cats that works to lose weight in a very natural way, as maintaining an ideal body condition and muscle mass is an important aspect of the general health of your cat. It is a delicately balanced nutritional formula that helps Your cat to keep her body healthy. Royal Canin dry food contains a special blend of fibers to increase the volume of food in the stomach in order to support the feeling of fullness. This Royal Canin diet is high in protein and low in fat “the ideal ratio for preserving muscle while limiting weight gain”.

What distinguishes Royal Canin Hair and Skin?
1- It provides good health for your cat through a special nutritional program that depends on the special needs of your pet.
2- A very effective product in controlling and losing weight.
3- Rich in carnitine, which is essential for healthy fat metabolism.
4- Adequate protein content helps maintain muscle mass.

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