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Dry food for kittens, dry food for kittens, safe and healthy dry food for kittens from 4-12 months of age.

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Royal Canin dry cat food for small cats, Royal Canin Kitten food is full of vitamins and nutrients that provide your pet with energy and support its healthy and safe growth. Royal Canin food is the best for small cats that are instinctively attracted to it thanks to its natural and safe ingredients.

1- Supporting immunity and fortifying natural resistance: it contains synergistic antioxidants (vitamins E and C, turmeric and lutein, and it contains vitamin D and calcium) that work to develop and support the immune system and strengthen bones in young cats.
2- OPTIMUM DIGESTIVE SUPPORT: Made with highly resistant digestive lipids, balanced fiber content (including psyllium) and healthy prebiotic ingredients that support digestive health.
3- Support Healthy Growth: Adaptation of protein, vitamins and minerals including Vitamin D and Calcium. High in calories to provide energy during a period of intense growth.

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