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Dry cat food rich in protein controls the growth and weight of the cat and supports the health of the urinary system.

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Royal Canin sterilized cat food, dry food for kittens, especially intended for kittens from 6 months to 12 months, contains all the nutrients that will increase the activity of your pet and build its muscles optimally, dry cat food that is rich in protein and low in sugar, is a suitable diet for cats, Food for sterilized cats that maintains the health of the urinary system and supports the health of the kidneys. This type of cat food is easy to digest, meaning it provides healthy digestion for cats, which would also support the health of the digestive system.

1- Perfect control of weight and growth: it contains a moderate amount of fat, which helps to limit weight gain, with the right amount of proteins, calcium and phosphorus – for healthy growth.
2- Healthy digestion: Maintain healthy digestion thanks to highly digestible proteins (LIP*) and prebiotics (including FOS). * Proteins selected according to the principle of maximum digestibility.
3- Urinary health: Royal Canin Kitten’s sterilized dry food formula contributes to maintaining the health of the cat’s urinary system.
4- Nutrient Balance: A well-balanced diet that contains all the nutrients necessary to meet the needs of the chitin, to maintain an excellent physical condition.

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