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Wet food from Royal Canin for British Shorthair cats.

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Royal Canin wet cat food for adult British cats, for short-haired cats, Royal Canin wet food for adult cats British cats have short hair, but at the same time they are very thick and need special care through special cat food like this type that Royal Canin offers us, the wet cat food contains Royal Canin contains many vitamins and important nutrients that the cat’s body needs, such as vitamins and other useful nutrients, and it definitely contains an appropriate amount of protein that is important for muscle building, with an emphasis on the ease of digestion of the protein found in this recipe. British Shorthair cats have a huge body And strong and muscular. The diet contains adequate fat content for effective weight control.

1- Maintaining an optimal weight: The diet contained in ROYAL CANIN Adult Shorthair Cat Food helps maintain an optimal weight for cats.
2 – It is considered an instinctive favorite food for cats.
3- Supports healthy skin and coat: Royal Canin Prescription Canned for British Shorthair helps maintain healthy skin and coat.
4- Contains many vitamins: It contains many important vitamins and nutrients for British cats
5- Urinary System Health: Royal Canin British Shothair food helps maintain the health of the urinary system.

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