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Royal Canin Spayed Cats Living at Home, High in Calorie, Low in Energy, Supports Urinary and Kidney Health

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Royal Canin wet cat food for sterilized cats, consisting of thin slices of meat with jelly. Sterilized cat food differs from non-sterilized cat food because sterilized cats must eat food that contains less energy, but at the same time, sterilized cats need food more than Therefore, we have provided you with Royal Canin food for sterilized cats, which provides your pet with a complete meal that satisfies your cat with fewer calories so that the cats do not gain weight significantly, and also provides cats with an appropriate amount of energy so that sterilized cats are not negatively affected. ROYAL CANIN Wet Food for Spayed Indoor Cats contains highly digestible proteins (LIP), an optimal proportion of fiber and a special complex of nutrients that stimulate digestion. The food contains balanced minerals that help maintain a healthy adult cat’s urinary system, and omega-3 and 6 fatty acids – for a healthy skin and coat.

1- It maintains the health of the urinary system.
2- Supports kidney health.
3- Maintains the ideal cat weight.
4- Cats are instinctively preferred food.

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