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A balanced dry food flavored with berries and celery to keep adult cats healthy

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A healthy, balanced food that takes care of the health of your big cat, thanks to its rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids, and supports the natural cognitive development of your adult pet, as well as contains substances that facilitate the function of a healthy bladder and diuretics and maintain healthy fluid levels, materials equivalent to the appropriate pH and levels Moderate ash to support the cat’s urinary tract health, in addition to giving the cat a strong, shiny skin layer.
Consists of:
> A mixture of salmon oil and flaxseed
> Cranberry and Celery Seed Blend
(Calories: 3700 calories / kg (390 kcal / cup), protein 23%, fat 15%, moisture 10% 10%, calcium 1.05%, phosphorus 0.90%, omega-3 fatty acids 0.40%, omega-6 fatty acids 2% )
Order it and notice the difference in the health of your adult cat.
* Please review the nutrition instructions on the package before using the product


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